Soil Fertility Management helps farmers understand the the nutritional content and characteristics of their land and take practical, informed steps to increase crop yields from season to season.
Consistent, healthy yields don’t just happen by accident. It takes careful planning to condition the soil for best results


Soil is analysed to evaluate certain core characteristics that determine it’s suitability as a growth medium; does it contain all essential nutrients needed in plant growth? Are available nutrients in optimal proportions? What is it’s water-retention ability? Does it have the right texture and consistency? What of chemicals, toxins and other pollutants? The answers to these questions yield valuable insights into what factors need to be addressed to ensure that your land can support crops of your choice profitably and sustainably.
Our recommendations for a specific plan of fertilizer amendments are tailored to your expressed short or long term goals, and take into account the previous history of crops and fertilizers at the location, farming conditions in the area, your type of operation (for instance organic or conventional), fertilizer preferences, and other factors, as supplied by the grower, in addition to the condition of the soil. Where appropriate the recommendations will include additional notes on materials to be used, application method and timing.
We undertake to create unique, tailor-made fertilizer blends which, applied correctly can restore your soil to previous levels of fertility in all aspects; texture, compaction water retention, macro and micro-nutrients as well as presence of organic matter. Your unique soil management plan may include both organic and inorganic additives, which, if applied in the prescribed quantities in the correct intervals, can go a long way toward creating a healthy soil structure that can support your crop of choice to optimize yields.

Key Benefits of Soil Fertility Management

The advantages of regular soil testing are manifest,immediate and long-lasting
Soil fertlity management ensures that the quality and output of your crop is consistent in quality and profitablity. It’s all about making the most of the resources you have without incurring additional cost and efforts

Reduced Cost

A well-informed action plan helps you apply only those elements that are lacking in your soil in optimal portions, so as to avoid wastage by over-applying fertilizers
Higher Yields

Ensure the right nutrients for your particular crop are consistently available at the right times throughout the growth cycle. This ensures higher returns that would otherwise be available
Less Contaminants

Monitoring and managing soil content helps reduce acidification, salinisation and overall long-term soil degradation caused by accumulation of undesired elements in the soil.
It's Easy

All you need to do is scoop a sample of soil (about a handful) from both poor growing areas and another close to more fertile / good growing areas and deliver it to our soil testing facility
It's Affordable

Soil testing can be done once in three to four years in the case of regular farming, or several times a season in the case of intensive farming. Either way, costs are low and managable
 Fast Results

You can expect to notice immediate and significant gains once you begin using soil fertility management as part of crop planning, with substantial yield increases recorded with every harvest

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