Mea FAQs

MEA Ltd. is a private company established in 1977 to supply farm inputs to farmers for the purpose of improving crop production and hence accelerate agricultural development in Kenya.

In line with the company objectives, a factory was built at Nakuru, Rift Valley province for bagging and blending fertilizers. This unique factory is the only one of its kind in Eastern Africa and has the capacity to blend fertilizers in various formulations to suit a whole range of crops grown under different soil types and agro-ecological zones.

Due to lack of raw materials in Kenya for the production of primary fertilizers, the most feasible way for a balanced crop nutrition is through fertilizer blends

Fertilizers are substances that supply plant nutrients or amend soil fertility. They are the most effective means of increasing crop production and of improving the quality of food and fodder. With them, food for more people can be produced than this planet would otherwise support.

Fertilizer use is most effective (for obtaining high crop yields) on soils with high natural or improved fertility, but even on low fertility soils crop growth can be substantially improved.

Fertilizers are used in order to supplement the natural nutrient supply in the soil, especially to correct the (yield-limiting) minimum factor. Some mineral and organic substances can be used directly as fertilizers, but most must be chemically processed in order to adapt them to plant needs (manufactured fertilizers).

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