Research Facility

We provide complete Soil fertility Management solutions to crop growers.

This involves,
1) Testing soil, water and plant tissue samples.
2) Preparation of a report profiling nutrient, mineral and contaminant content in water and soil as well as nutrient uptake in crop plants at various stages of development
3) Preparation of a soil ammendment plan - A detailed , practical strategy to restore the soil to optimum fertility levels for maximum yields by applying the right nutrients to the soil in the right quantities and at the right intervals.

Our testing services are fast, comprehensive and affordable. We are available 8 am - 5 pm, Monday to Friday except on public holidays.

In addition, we have a microbiology facility where we cultures proprietary bio-agents under licence from the University of Nairobi in the trade name ‘Biofix’. Biofix increases soil nitrogen levels substantially, without altering the chemical or physical properties of the soil. This innovation enables massive improvements in plant yield for leguminous plants safely and organically.


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