Hon Felix Koskey, Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (left) awarding Mr. Barasa, MEA staff (right) trophy  for having the best stand under Pharmaceutical and Agro chemicals category during ASK show Eldoret



MEA team during this years' 2015 ASK show Eldoret.

Harvest more vegetables, Black night shade and kales after by using MEA NPK 23:23:0 and CAN for planting and topdressing respectively.

Dark green soyabeans observed after using Sympal and Biofix inoculants from MEA fertilizers.

Harvest more maize by using MEA Mazao 10 during planting and CAN 27 % N for topdressing on maize.

Farmers been informed about MEA fertilizers,  Biofix innoculant and soil testing services offered by MEA Limited

 More farmers and students visiting the demonstration plots at the MEA stand

Margaret (right) and Monicah (left) explaining to farmers how to get more vegetables from a small area using MEA fertilizers.