The composition of your fertilizer cannot be left to chance.

As a responsible farmer seeking the best outcome for your crops, you need really know what is in your bag, whether the content is true to the label in terms of proper ingredients and correct ratios

With the acceleration of global fertilizer trade, (large-scale) farmers have reported an increased number of contractual issues related to the variable use of methods to sample and analyze international (bulk) product shipments. MEA Labs provides quality assurance for blends prepared in our facilities and shipped from our depots. The same service is made available to farmers who source bulk fertilizer through import.
Fertilizer analysis helps determine the amount of each nutrient mentioned
in the fertilizer as labelled expressed as percent of
the total weight..
  Why Test
Understanding the fertilizer analysis is essential when choosing the right fertilizer to purchase and apply.  Fertilizers, such  are identified on their package by their chemical composition. Fertilizer analysis comes in as a quality-control measure, whereby one scienfically samples a large batch of a given fertiliser and subjects it to lab testing to determine the accuracy of the labelling as a fair representation of it’s nutritional composition and to rule out the presence of potentially harmful
contaminants. MEA Labs offers a number of different analysis options for your fertilizer testing needs.
We are the premier facility in the East and Central Africa region accredited for fertlizer testing.
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