MEA Limited emerged the best top position in the recent ASK show Nakuru that was completed on 4th July 2015.

Clients, representatives from Ministry of Agriculture and more farmers were quite impressed by good crops after using different products from MEA during planting and topdressing 

MEA  took the 1st position for having the best stand and demonstration plots under the category of Pharmaceuticals and Agro chemical practices.


Hon Adan Mohamed, acting Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries(left) awarding Margaret, MEA staff (right) trophy  for having the best stand under Pharmaceutical and Agro chemicals category during ASK show Nakuru.


Farmers been informed about MEA fertilizers, Biofix innoculant and soil testing services offered by MEA Limited .


Harvest more vegetables, cabbages, kales and spinach by using MEA Mazao planting and CAN for planting and topdressing respectively.



Margaret (right) and Herbert (left) explaining to farmers how to get more vegetables from a small area using MEA fertilizers.




MEA team (staff and casuals) during ASK show Nakuru 2015